I Want To Have My Own Geocoin Designed!
Amy Smith
Feb-12th, 2017 10:06

So you are thinking about having a geocoin made? Great! Geocoins are a really fun addition to geocaching, perfect as a signature item, to trade, to collect, to sell or even give away. We've helped dozens of cachers, event organizers, organizations and GeoTour teams with designing and minting thousands of cool Geocoins, Pins, Tags and Cachekinz too.

Visit: Compass Creek Designs

J.D. (aka Kidvegas19) is our Custom Coin Project Manager. Email J.D. here

We are happy to share the basic steps involved in having some geocoins produced. Generally for a new design there is a minimum of 50 geocoins. If you only need a few coins, this process is probably not what you are looking for, and we would suggest purchasing some pre-made coins instead. 

In a nutshell, the process includes

  • A coin design (either your artwork or we can assist)
  • Deciding metal finishes 
  • Finalize quantity, cost and budget
  • Obtaining approval, tracking codes and optional icon from Groundspeak if you want them to be trackable (we do this)
  • Minting a sample; not required, but a best practice
  • Minting the final design
  • Delivery of coins to you

Time frame:

Depending on design needs, this will take a minimum of 3-4 weeks, including the minting time. 


If you would like to explore more about making a geocoin, or if you are ready to start, please go to: Compass Creek Designs

Thanks and happy caching and collecting!

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